Our Leadership Team

The Leadership team is made up of our BVCF Elders and Ministry Leaders. Our Senior Elder Tim Wheeldon is the legal representative and community contact for Bunbury Vineyard Christian Fellowship.



Tim & Judy Wheeldon

Tim: Senior Elder & Connect Groups Coordinator
Judy: Elder, Pastoral Care & Hospitality Coordinator

Jane Olsen

Elder & Worship Coordinator

Ric Turner

Information, Communication & Technology Coordinator

Chloe Schwellnus

Youth Leader

Kat Rosair

Children’s Ministry Co-Ordinator

Carol Turner

Women’s Ministry, Venue Use & Housekeeping

Grahame Paull

Community Breakfast Coordinator & Men’s Ministry

Our Story

Bunbury Vineyard Christian Fellowship began in 1999 as a plant from the Australind Vineyard Church. bvcf originally met at the Bunbury Lighthouse Beach Resort and proceeded to the Lyric Theatre, before moving to the Clifton Street location for 16 years.

In August 2017 we moved to our current location in Wellington Street, in the heart of the Bunbury CBD.

BVCF is associated with Vineyard Churches Australia. More about VCA

Our Values

Partner with the Holy Spirit

Our mission involves praying & finding power from God himself to accomplish what humans never could accomplish on their own. We pray for the sick; confront injustice; & seek to hear the voice of God on behalf of others. This involves partnership with a Person beyond ourselves.

Experience & worship God

Genesis 3:1-24 tells of the moment when humans rebelled against God & chose their own way over & against the will of God. the result is isolation & alienation. Self-centred creatures care far more for themselves than they care about God, people & his creation. The declaration of the kingdom of God is an act of reconciliation: bringing people back to God, into deep relationship with each other, & into a life of caring about God’s creation again.

Reconcile people with God and all creation

Worshiping & experiencing God goes far beyond singing. In every moment of our lives, we seek to live in the presence of the Lord. At the same time, corporate singing is a precious part of what it means for us to be the people of the kingdom.

Pursue culturally relevant mission in the world

The message of the kingdom was intended by Jesus to extend from culture to culture & from generation to generation. While our core values & beliefs do not change, the form in which they are expressed will change. The kingdom of God can be expressed through casualness or formality, rock music or hip-hop, big churches or house churches. The key for us is to stay true to the mission of God, & let God show us how his glory can be expressed in each new context.
Engage in compassionate ministry
In the Gospels we are reminded that as crowds gathered to see Jesus’ ministry & hear the profound wisdom he offered, Jesus looked out at the crowd & had compassion on them. Compassion is not about pitying people. It is seeing people in their difficult, complicated life situations & believing that God can use his people to minister hope to them.